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It really IS up to you.  For a moment, think about that area of your business that often gives you a headache, or heartburn, or whatever it might be that you feel about that one project (or several). Let's chat about what we can do to get that project done and give you that sigh of relief!  I want to become Your New Best Friend in business!!!

CCB Set Up, Compliance


So much to know!  Initial set up, compliance, continuing educa-tion, renewals, bonding, insurance.  What a confusing time!  I can help you with all of this.  How do you know what it IS you need to know?  Save that frustration - a phone call away.

Accounting, A/P, A/R


Automated account vs manual record keeping, paying your bills on time, collecting revenue, billing your clients - It's a lot to juggle.  As a Temp, I can get this squared away for you!

Job Costing, Analysis​


Do you cost out every job?  Do some jobs show a better profit while you struggle to make money with others?  What does your customary overhead do to your profit margin?  We can easily show you your profit, job-by-job and analyze why some jobs are less profitable.  There are ways to improve your profit, we're here to help you with this as well!

Bookkeeping - Daily, Monthly


It's true, you can let your CPA do your bank and / or credit card reconciliations, but wouldn't you enjoy knowing EXACTLY where you're at financial, any day, every day?  Let us take the quess work out of this task for you - Just a phone call away!

Payroll, Time Sheets​


Do you have employees?  What time keeping records do you use?  In-house payroll vs out-sourced payroll?  We can walk you through the pro's and con's so you're confident of your choice! 

Budgets, Set Up, Maintenance​


If you have the time, the apptitude, and the elbow grease to tackle this project, BRAVO!  If not, setting budgets can be easily addressed when handing the task over to us.  Step by step we'll walk you through the How-and-Why of this often time head scratching task and give you some peace.

Subcontractors, Set Up, Maint.


If you use subs do you check their bonafides?  Do you protect your company from liability by proper documention from each and every sub you hire?  We'll set up your subs simply, efficiently and keep your business interests protected:  W-9, Insurance Certificates, contract / agreement (what they can expect from you, and you expect from them).  Are THEY compliant with CCB? We can help!

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