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Notes - Thoughts - Ideas

​~ ~ ~ Sharing some things here for your consideration.  Send me a note on the Contact Page! ~ ~ ~ 

  • Services - - Samples of current and / or recent jobs:

    • Bookkeeping - - Quickbooks Online at 99% of client base.

    • Insurance agent - - recruiting new hires (managing incoming resumes, phone review, set interviews)

    • Investment rep - - personal assistant, setting appointments, processing documents and service requests

    • Plumber - - accounting, a/p, a/r, bank and credit card recs, set up subcontractors

    • Engineer - - maintenance of task schedules for departmental processing via email and cloud

    • HVAC - - accounting, a/p, a/r, band recs and set up brick / mortar office

    • Property managers - - operations and procedures manual

    • Print / promotions - - create integrated spreadsheet between cost, client bid and client invoice

    • Salon - - create spreadsheet to track income and expense monthly with annual totals

  • Time Management - - Your time is SO very valuable. YOU are the owner.  YOU generate income.  YOU make all the important decisions for your company.  Your time must be used on those tasks that GROW your business.  If you are bogged down in daily duties, you cannot maintain your enegry for important growth.  Right Pay Grade for the Right Person to do Various Jobs.  You wouldn't pay a file clerk $100 per hour to file, would you?  NO, of course not - but if YOU do the filing, that's effectively what's happening.  Let's talk, 1 hour consultation is at NO COST.

  • Chaos - - I have always enjoyed order, systems, organization.  But like many, I struggle with a busy life and trying to make sense of "finding time" to get everything done. Do you feel that way too? I believe Simplicity is Key.  Taking on the business of our lives is best managed in smaller bites to create Order from Chaos.

  • Lists - - Getting clear on the tasks, objectives, goals, whatever, that require your attention.  First steps to getting down to it: A LIST.

  • Personal or Business - - When shopping we often use a list, am I right?  Keeps us on task for getting all the things we need.  Getting organized starts the same way, for the same reasons.  Even the largest project can be broken down into more manageable pieces via a list.  Personal goals, business goals, both work similarly.

  • Prioritize - - If you have a project that needs done, where does it fall on your list (as referenced above)?  One must address the priorities in business (as well as your personal life) to keep things working well.  If your priorities are out of whack, do you feel unsettled?  A vast majority of us do!  Un-crazy your world.  What are YOUR priorities?

  • Delegate - - I know, I know... how to delegate?  Do you feel as if you lose control of your sense of self when you let go of tasks turned over to others?  Do you feel as if you yourself would get it done quicker, better, always?  Me too, honestly - I get it.  Thing is, there really ARE some things that ought to be turned over to others so that you might better focus on that which brings you better profit, harmony, quality time, family relationships and the like.  Coming full circle and landing again in the country we call Priorities.  Right?  Open your thoughts to Delegation!

  • Bank Reconciliation - - For many, reconciling bank statements or credit card statements, has always been a bit of a pain in the backside.  Who Does This Stuff?  I mean, really?  Well the answer is fairly simple, CPA's do.  And they'll charge you accordingly for it.  Even if your bank and your accounting program are integrated (like Quickbooks On-Line) you're just seeing live balance and transactions.  Bank Recs settle up all accounts, deposits (aka revenue) and transactions (aka debit and checks known as expense).  It's a necessary part of business to have these completed for your CPA. having a service like mine processing them will save you headache AND money!! 


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