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"Together We Work Smarter!"

NEW!  Business Resuscitation: "CPR"

Compliance ~ Profitability~ Relationships

Business Resuscitation:  "CPR"


Compliance:  Do you know? Is your business fully compliant for your industry?  For having employees?  For OSHA Safety?  Or the CCB?  Lack of compliance will kill your business, eventually.


Profitability:  Do you include your overhead in your profit calculations?  Do you do and review your Job Costs regularly?


Relationships:  All relationships matter to your ongoing business success.  Relationships with Clients, Vendors, Subcontractors, Employees, CPA, Attorney.  How do yours stack up?


There's that project that sits on your shelf or desk - maybe it sits in a folder, hidden in a cabinet.  It's been there a while, it's been on your "To Do List" for some time now.  Frankly, you wish it'd just go away.  Thing is, it just won't.  It needs to be completed.  But your work plate is full to over flowing as it is!  That's where we step in, Your New Best Friend. We'll take those nagging projects and get them done - taking them off your To Do List and happily add them to your To-Done List!   Call for more info today!


When you started your business you had your own Vision of what you'd do for people.  You had your skill, your experience, your talent.  And then along the way you realized you'd become the "chief, cook and bottle washer" as well.  We'd rather you focus on that which you're AMAZING at and let us do your other project work.  Our Vision is to get YOU back to YOUR Vision.  We free up your time to do that thing you do, the way you do it!  Let's make a plan to get you what you need!

  • Business Resuscitation:  CPR - Enliven your business

  • Quickbooks Training

  • QBO Accounting 

  • Bank & Credit Card Recs

  • Job Cost Analysis​​

  • Payroll, Time Sheets​

  • Set & Maintain Budgets

  • Contractor Set Up & File Compliance - CCB

  • CRM Set Up, Maintenance

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